Puerto Rico – The Board Game

The Puerto Rico Board Game is a game of strategy, making decisions and outsmarting your opponents. It has been praised by all that have played and is seen as one of the most brilliant board games ever sold. The game was created by Andreas Seyfarth and was first released in 2002. Playing the game is as challenging as any other and your journey starts as the colonial governor just after the discovery of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico can be played by two to five players with the objective of each player accumulating as many victory points as possible. During the game, the players assume various roles that allow them to perform various tasks and duties related to the role or character they represent. For example, the Mayor takes care of the colonists, the Trader allows players to sell goods, the Settler selects a plantation or quarry, the Builder can purchase a building, the Prospector can win the player money and the Captain works for victory points by loading the ships.

Players have a variety of options that allow them to build their colonies, manage their plantations and ship their goods. The mechanics of the game are both fun and entertaining and are often enjoyed long into the evening. One of the most fascinating aspects of the game is that every decision that a player makes has an impact on the game. This requires that players remain alert and monitor all of the decisions being made so they can focus on the moves and strategies of their opponents.

In Puerto Rico, each player is given his own board to play on and points are not revealed to each other. This forces players to guess how well their opponents are doing. The winner of the game is determined by the amount of victory points that he has won throughout the game. The game ends when the colonists resources have been exhausted, or if the supply of “victory points” run out, or if a player has managed to build on all twelve of the locations that he has in his city.

What makes this board game unique is that each game is different. Players can only work on improving their techniques, strategies and tactical plays, but can never predict the outcome. Depending on your opponent, the rate of play and decisions that are made can change a player’s entire game plan. First time players are advised to use the rule book as a guideline because the objective of the same and scoring can be misunderstood.