Puerto Rico: The Spirit of Aguadilla

The ubiquitous connection between Puerto Rico and the Atlantic truly sets this territory apart from all the other natural assets of the United States. No part of the country’s Eastern seaboard and not even sunny Florida can quite muster the surf with which Aguadilla Puerto Rico is blessed. This small fishing village, on which Christopher Columbus chanced in the 15th century, is a bustling industrial center today, replete with malls, theme parks and all the other trappings of a delightful vacation destination. However, Aguadilla for all its terrestrial attractions remains a city dominated by the ocean. The city is known by a variety of names such as “Village of the Eye of the Water”, “Town of Sharks” and “Atlantic Garden”, amongst its lovers, and they all celebrate Aquadilla’s eternal affair with the Atlantic Ocean!

Surfing has to be a primary reason to visit Aguadilla. No one with a passion for this sport can do without quality time at the picturesque beaches and fascinating water expanse in this special part of Puerto Rico. Aguadilla is a favorite for championship surfing events, because the waves are a challenge for the most accomplished people on boards. However, novices need not worry, for there are some gentle stretches as well. The long ocean front means that holiday-makers can look forward to new spots, and surf to the heart’s content, with never a thought of boredom! The Playa Crashboat is justifiably one of the top surfing spots in Aguadilla, for it is incredibly picturesque and just right for snorkeling as well.

Though the ocean dominates Aquadilla, it is not entirely without other attractions on dry land. There is plenty of shopping, though visitors from the mainland would probably enjoy the variety of water and other theme parks more. The city has some fine examples of colonial architecture, and it is a special place to pick up mementos of Puerto Rico as well. Aquadilla also has an ice skating rink, though only locals can enjoy such a pastime in the Caribbean! The Spanish handicraft of mundillo has thrived here for centuries, and it remains the only place in the world outside Spain where this exquisite form of bobbin lace is available to this day.