Puerto Rico’s Las Cavernas de Camuy

If you are looking for an exciting new activity to enjoy whilst traveling to Puerto Rico, try the Las Cavernas de Camuy. This massive network of subterranean caverns make up a 268-acre park filled with beautiful limestone rock formations and other natural wonders. The park is situated to the Southwest of San Juan and it takes two-hours to drive from San Juan to the caverns at de Camuy.

However, you definitely shouldn’t let the traveling time put you off since this cave system is not just for spelunkers and it really makes for a most memorable experience.

It is said that the truly massive caverns of the Camuy cave system were carved out by the Camuy River more than a million years ago which means that this cave system is very old and very valuable. What makes it even more noteworthy is that it is one of the largest underground formations to be found in the Western Hemisphere. It is certainly the largest cave system in the Caribbean and it is interesting to note that only about seven miles (11 km) of this extensive network of caverns and caves have been fully explored.

The average visitor is able to make use of well-maintained trails which gently descend to a depth of 200 feet. At the bottom, they will find themselves in a luscious fern-filled ravine which makes a fitting entrance to the beautiful caverns. From here you will take a walk into the cool and unusual world of the Camuy Caves which features a few caverns that are so massive that they can hide an entire skyscraper. Other caverns are adorned with stalagmites and stalactites and there are two sinkholes to see along the way.

Of course, all tours are conducted by an experienced guide and it is strongly recommended that you comply with their wishes in order to enjoy a safe trip through the caves. Visitors should also keep in mind that the caves are home to a number of bats which might be disturbed on occasion.

As you make the way through these fantastical caves with visions of pirates and cave creatures floating through your head, it is good to keep in mind that the Camuy Caves are one of the largest cave networks in the world with some 200 caves counted so far. Sixteen different entrances have been found to date though more may well be discovered as explorers continue to push deeper into the cave system. After your pleasant trip through the caves, you can make use of the picnic areas, walking trails, exhibition hall, food shops and souvenir shop to complete your day at the Las Cavernas de Camuy.