Raise Your Stake in Puerto Rico

Many tourists travel to Puerto Rico, as it is a very diverse destination. It is rich in history, culture, arts and tradition and has many noteworthy sites and attractions for visitors to enjoy. In addition, it boasts magnificent wildlife and reserves, which attracts nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. But lately, Puerto Rico has become a popular gaming destination, gaining prominence for its beautiful casinos with their spectacular ocean views.

Casinos in Puerto Rico can be found in many of its cities. All the casinos are regulated by the Puerto Rican government and they only allow casinos to operate from within a hotel or resort. Patrons to the casinos do not have to be guests at the hotels or resorts to access the casinos as they are available to everyone. Most of the casinos require a smart casual dress code in the evenings and it is advised to find out what the dress code is before planning a night of gaming. They tend to be more lenient towards dress code during the day.

Very few of the casinos in Puerto Rico operate for twenty four hours, but remain open until approximately four or six in the morning. Because the casinos are located in hotels and resorts, patrons can enjoy their evenings in a safe and secure environment, together with high class entertainment, good food, a few ice cold drinks and the breathtaking views that most have to offer. Casinos can be found in San Juan, Dorado, Carolina, Humacao, Rio Grande, Isla Verde, Mayaguez, and Ponce, to name a few. Establishments such as the Inter-Continental San Juan Resort & Casino, El San Juan Hotel & Casino, Mayaguez Resort & Casino, Ritz Carlton Hotel & Casino, Holiday Inn Hotel & Tropical Casino Ponce and Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino are amongst the popular casino attractions.

The casinos have a wide variety of games to look forward to and include favorites such as Blackjack, Big Six Wheels, Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and Caribbean Stud Poker. Slot machines are also available for patrons who do not wish to join the tables, and gaming does differ from one establishment to the next. Casinos are now one of the top attractions in Puerto Rico, giving visitors the opportunity to try their luck during the evening, after taking in the splendor of the sights and sounds of the cities during the day.