Refugio de Vida Silvestre de Humacao

The Refugio de Vida Silvestre de Humacao, or Humacao Wildlife Refuge, consists of magnificent stretches of protected land that is a tapestry of lagoons, forests, beaches and swamps, making this a popular attraction in Puerto Rico. The information office at the Refugio de Vida Silvestre de Humacao, will be able to assist nature lovers with listings of the wildlife species, birds, layout of the Wildlife Refuge and campsites. Puerto Rico has many nature attractions, and the Humacao Wildlife Refuge is one of the most exquisite.

Established in 1984, the Refugio de Vida Silvestre de Humacao has been invaluable to the conservation of many protected species and the sheltering of the many diverse natural resources. The refuge has a steady annual rainfall which feeds the swamps and small rivers, as well as receiving water from the ocean. It enjoys a sub-tropical climate but is also viewed as a high risk region, as its location next to the ocean exposes the Humacao Wildlife Refuge to strong winds at times and oceanic storms.

The vegetation and landscape of the refuge provides a great variety of animals and birds with a safe and protected natural habitat that is undisturbed by human development. Visitors will be able to look forward to seeing rare birds such as the Chiriria duck, the Quijada duck, herons, Gallaretas, Gallinazo and a large variety of sea birds. The beaches are also home to breeding sea turtles, and specialized research projects have been done since 1986 to ensure the conservation and safety of all the wildlife in the refuge. The rivers in the Humacao Wildlife Refuge carry seawater into some of the channels, creating natural estuaries that allows fish species that are usually caught in their tons commercially to grow and thrive in the calm and uninterrupted waters.

As an attraction, the Refugio de Vida Silvestre de Humacao in Puerto Rico is a natural wonder of beauty and breathtaking wildlife. But to the animals and birds that fight for survival and against endangerment and extinction, the Humacao Wildlife Refuge is a life saving establishment, which ensures their continued existence and is invaluable to the Puerto Rico and its future generations.