Reggaetoneros – Wisin and Yadel

Wisin and Yandel, also known as Juan Luis Morera and Llandel Veguilla, came together in 1998 as young seventeen and eighteen years olds, that had only a dream. Living in Cayey, in Puerto Rico, their paths crossed at a reggaeton party. At the time of their meeting, Wisin wanted to be a rap artist and Yandel, a barber at the time, wrote songs. With a songwriter and singer combination, the two young boys set out to achieve their ambitions. It had never occurred to them that they would receive the fame and support that they have today.

Reggaeton is a style of music that was first heard from the immigrants that left their homes in Jamaica to start new lives in the Panama region. It has a unique and repetitive beat, so artists need to ensure that the chorus is easy, and that it has a tune that people will pick up on, and hopefully get stuck in their heads. When it first hit the Panama shores, it was music that derived from Spanish dancehalls, but was later incorporated with hip-hop, Atro-Caribbean and rap. During the 1990’s the Reggaeton style of music had hit Puerto Rico by storm and the youth loved it. Not only for the rap but its hypnotic, sensual beats. By the time Reggaeton took off, both
Wisin and Yandel were ready to ride the wave of enthusiasm, and write their own music for the style they so loved. Due to only the youth embracing the music, the only way to get known and distribute your music, was through street compilations. Radio stations refused to play reggaeton over their airwaves, and the middle class showed no interest at all. Of course, the
music industry and studios were not going to put money into an album, which they were sure was a passing fashion.

With all these hurdles to overcome, and no support from the music industry, Wisin and Yandel decided to create their own music studio and record their music on their own. This gave them complete creative freedom, and they could adjust their music according to the reaction of their fans. They made CD’s and sold them. Touring also became an important advertising
tool, and fans loved them. Their foot tapping beats, lyrical salvos and brilliant background vocal combinations, won the support of crowds everywhere they went.

Today, aged 28 and 29, Wisin and Yandel can look back on all their struggles with pride. They have won many awards and gained a faithful following, through their determination. Wisin and Yandel concentrate their efforts in Miami, as it is the hub for reggaeton music, where artists can find exposure globally and reach the international market.