Ricky Martin Performing Live in Puerto Rico

When you hear the name Ricky Martin, you automatically think of the pulsating rhythms of songs like “She Bangs” and “Livin La Vida Loca” with which he took the world by storm. This singer / musician as become an icon in his native country, Puerto Rico, as he has not only had great success in the world of music but has become an ambassador for neglected and starving children. His charity work is just another side of this fascinating entertainer that makes him respected by others and adored by millions of fans.

When Ricky Martin set off on his Black & White Concert Tour, he purposely decided that San Juan would be his last stop. He will be making his tour video recording in San Juan, the city he was born in, in 1971. The enthusiasm and excitement of the upcoming concert was at fever pitch, as many Puerto Ricans waited anxiously for the Ricky Martin concert ticket sales to open. Now they look forward to seeing the energetic singer in action on 10 August 2007. If his concerts at the Jose Miguel Argelot Coliseum are anything to go by, then the attendance at the show in San Juan will be overwhelming.

The Black & White Concert Tour show on the 10th of August 2007, is set to start at 8:30 pm and Ricky Martin is planning on singing ‘Pegate’, as his opening song. The concert should be spectacular and thrilling all at the same time. With recording his concert tour DVD at this event there will be no intervals between songs, or time to refresh. Ricky hopes that by recording in this way, it will capture the hypnotic vibe of the beats and the adrenalin-pumping atmosphere of the audience. The audience that is attending the concert on the recording night, can look forward to songs such as ‘La bomba’, ‘Jaleo’ and ‘Tu recuerdo’.

So far, the Ricky Martin Black & White Concert Tour has been a huge success, with many venues being sold-out in record time. But to most Puerto Ricans, seeing Ricky Martin live in Puerto Rico, is an unforgettable experience and an extreme privilege. With the City of San Juan being as excited about the concert as Ricky Martin is, it is guaranteed to be a concert that will be hard to forget.