Snorkeling in the Waters of Cayo Afuera

Between the town of Esperanza, Puerto Rico, and Sun Bay, is a beautiful island named Vieques Island. It is known for its magnificent beaches and for the smaller islands such as Cayo Afuera that can be reached from here. Cayo Afuera is off the south coast of Vieques and is one of the attractions of the area that should be explored by water sports enthusiasts.

The Department of Natural Resources of Puerto Rico administers the island of Cayo Afuera as the island falls under the Mosquito Bay Reserve. Visitors can reach the island by kayak, which should take a couple of minutes, but some experienced swimmers and those who have more stamina swim the few hundred meters to the beach. Many visitors choose to take a canoe or kayak and spend the day on the island, enjoying the sparkling waters and a picnicking on the rocks.

Cayo Afuera has become very popular, as it is the ideal location to snorkel. There are outfitters on Vieques that hire snorkeling equipment and tour operators always take tourists and visitors to Cayo Afuera. Snorkeling enthusiasts will be amazed at the breathtaking sponges, corals and reefs that are located around the island. These natural ocean structures are home to many different fish species and if visitors have come to the island on a lucky day, they will also see manatee, nurse sharks, sea turtles and stingrays swim by. The best places to snorkel at Cayo Afuera are under the cement pier and more to the ocean side, where a sunken sailboat rests quietly on the ocean floor. The waters of the island are a treasure trove of marine life and coral formations, keeping visitors snorkeling for hours. Most kayak tours to the island also set time aside for their guests to marvel at the underwater beauty of Cayo Afuera.

For a day of discovery and underwater exploration, Cayo Afuera has the greatest selection of fish and reefs, and the waters here are crystal clear. Some visitors to Puerto Rico enjoy the island, viewing it as an opportunity to escape the bustle of the Puerto Rican cities and indulge in an afternoon of tranquility and natural wonder. Regardless of their reasons, Cayo Afuera is a picturesque destination that has the ideal conditions for a romantic afternoon in the caressing sun or a family adventure.