Sport and Entertainment at Albergue Olimpico

The Albergue Olimpico is a very unique centre in Salinas, Puerto Rico. As an initiative to promote sports and the positive influences it has on society, this magnificent centre invites sportsmen from all over Puerto Rico, along with visitors to the island and locals, to take advantage of its sports facilities and the parks surrounding the sports buildings. It boasts a healthy and vibrant atmosphere and encourages young and old to partake in sports and improve their lives.

Serious athletes make use of the facilities at Albergue Olimpico, for Olympic and professional events training. Schools utilize the centre to train their athletes and to expose the youth to the various sports that the centre offers. The Athletes Village is able to provide accommodation to approximately four hundred and ninety guests, and both the public and athletes are welcome to make use of the accommodation. The sports facilities include an aquatic centre, gymnasiums, baseball, tennis, shooting, weight training, boxing, judo, track athletics, skating, cycling and taekwondo, to name a few. Future projects comprise of providing a platform for cultural experiences and the centre hopes to expand by adding a golf course, bowling facilities and an outdoor amphitheatre. Other services include orthopedic, physiology and physical therapy.

When it comes to spending a day with the family at the centre, visitors can look forward to an aviary, the Sports Museum, botanical gardens, recreational parks and the water parks. Next to the aviary and botanical gardens, visitors will find a mini golf course which is the ideal way for parents and their children to have fun together. The climbing areas, of various difficulty levels, add a little challenge to the day, but it is the water park area that usually gets the most wails of laughter and thrills of excitement. The giant pool, complete with artificial waves, is a popular attraction with all ages, and the younger generation get to explore and discover the fun and activities that await them at the Children’s Island. In Drenched Ville a world of surprises awaits unsuspecting participants. Even though the water level is only about ankle deep, it is the hidden water spraying and large water spilling canisters that visitors should be aware of. While laughing at a water drenched friend, no-one knows who will be next.

A walk through the Olympic Museum of Puerto Rico is the perfect way to end a day of fun and laughter, as it has a vast collection of sports artifacts and memorabilia, and takes visitors on a journey through the history of sport in Puerto Rico. Albergue Olimpico is all about the sport, fun and families.