Surfing Puerto Rico

Serious surfers know that the three best places to surf in the USA are Hawaii, California and Puerto Rico. Of these, Puerto Rico is perhaps the least famous – but that’s the way many top surfers like it. No crowds, clean water and reasonable accommodations are all big parts of Puerto Rico’s appeal to surfers in search of the Next Big Wave.

Even so, the word is getting out on Puerto Rico because the surfing is just so good! The internet has also helped spread the word, and there are a few websites up and running that give island surfers all the info they need to know before they wax up their boards. Surfing info these days goes way beyond the weather report – the Naval Oceanographic Office issues a regularly updated online map that shows wave heights in the Caribbean, as well as local wave heights and wind speeds. Also available are interactive maps that pinpoint the best surfing beaches. In Puerto Rico, most of these are on the northern shore of the island, but one notable exception is Rincon.

Rincon is a town of approximately 17,000 that juts out into the warm Caribbean from Puerto Rico’s west coast. Coincidentally, it shares its name with another Rincon in California that is famed for its surfing. Puerto Rico’s Rincon came first, however, having been founded in 1771.

Rincon first came to prominence as a surfing destination in 1969 when the first World Championship of Surfing was held at Rincon’s Sandy Beach. There are several other popular surfing beaches at Rincon besides Sandy Beach, some of which have curious names such as Parking Lots, Dogmans and Little Malibu.

The surfing season runs from October to February and the waves can be anywhere from 2 to 20 feet high. Surfers just love the warm Caribbean waters that crash onto Puerto Rico’s beaches. The overall ambiance is much like Hawaii, according to veteran boarders who have sampled both. If you’re planning a vacation to Puerto Rico, check out the surfing scene. Catch a wave – and hold on for the ride of your life!