Take a Day Trip to Aguadilla

Well known for its superb surfing spots, including Crash Boat, Wilderness, Gas Chambers, and the aptly named Surfer’s Beach, Aguadilla’s beaches host various surfing competitions and are great for beginners, pros and every level in between. Boasting the greatest number of beaches of any of Puerto Rico’s municipalities, Aguadilla is part of the Porta del Sol (Doorway to the Sun) tourism project which includes seventeen municipalities on the western side of the island.

Aguadilla was originally part of neighboring Aguada, but was established as a separate municipality in the mid-1700s, with the town of Aguadilla receiving village status in 1860. Aguadilla was home to the US Ramey Air Force Base for almost fifty years, but today visitors will find most of the military facilities of those times being used for tourism or controlled by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico authorities, such as the Rafael Hernandez International Airport.

The town is home to the Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena, currently the only ice skating venue in the Caribbean. The arena was opened to the public in 2005 and remains open throughout the year. In addition to the arena, the building includes a sports bar, an arcade, some conference rooms, a boxing club and a music room.

Another leisure and entertainment venue in Aguadilla is Las Cascadas Water Park, which opened in 1985. It offers a variety of rides and play areas to keep the family happily entertained for hours. The rides include the Aquatic Tunnel (Túnel Acuático) where visitors can travel on single or double tubes through the darkened tunnel on a fast-moving stream of water; the Crazy River (Rio Loco); Marine Serpent (Serpiente Marina); two Speed Slides; The Maze (El Laberinto); The Twister (El Torbellino); and a Wave Pool (Piscina de Olas).

Other places of interest in Aguadilla include the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse, the Rafael Hernandez Monument, and Alicia Sotomayor’s Art Gallery. Located a mere 2.5 hour scenic drive from San Juan, Aguadilla is a perfect daytrip destination, and has a variety of accommodation options for visitors who choose to stay longer.