Take a Spanish Autumn Break in Puerto Rico

How would you like an autumn break in glorious sunshine, learning Spanish? Now that is easy for lucky students who are part of the City University of New York, for CUNY has arranged an Art Tour in Puerto Rico this November. The Hunter College has arranged the tour which leaves New York on November 5 and returns exactly a week later. It is a part of the Exchange Program of the Center of Puerto Rican studies, and is meant to give art students and professionals an exposition of the artistic development of this U.S. territory. However, it is also a fantastic opportunity to catch up on Spanish!

Puerto Rico is a top place to learn Spanish because this language and English have equal importance of these islands. The friendly nature of the people, the wonderful scenery, and the balmy climate, makes learning Spanish such a pleasure!

Do not fret if you are not part of CUNY, or if the dates are not perfect for you, because it is the thought of an art tour of Puerto Rico, which matters most. You can always use the CUNY trip schedule to plan a visit of your own.

Learning a language by interacting with artists and by visiting galleries, is most cultured and pleasurable. The Spanish history of Puerto Rico blends so well with the art of the indigenous people, that studying aesthetic expressions on the island can give you a rich vocabulary in a short time.

Spanish, as spoken by the people of Puerto Rico, has a Caribbean flavor all of its own, though it is not something which would not be understood and appreciated in Hispanic parts of the U.S. mainland, or indeed in Spain itself. You may find the expressive ways of Puerto Ricans unusual if you are a bit of a stuffed shirt, but you will soon grow to love the mannerisms and ape some of them yourself!

Be sure to set aside quality time for Puerto Rico beaches, and for the idyllic countryside as well, even if it is art which takes you to Puerto Rico, so that you can practice your Spanish on the local folk, and have a ball at the same time!