Taste of the Caribbean 2010

There is nothing more delightful than visiting a foreign country and tasting their local cuisine, experiencing traditional flavors and experimenting with different dishes. For members of the culinary industry there are rare occasions when they are able to share their talents and passion for food, meet food connoisseurs from across the globe and sample delectable dishes from various corners of the world. One of these extraordinary events will be hosted in Puerto Rico at the Rio Mar Beach Resort in Rio Grande, and is known as the Taste of the Caribbean.

For professionals in the food and beverage industry, the Taste of the Caribbean is the ideal opportunity to showcase their abilities. Various international teams, such as Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Grenada and Antigua that have participated in previous years, entering the competitions at this event. Industry peers and a groups of professional food lovers judge the dishes created by the teams, giving the winners international recognition. Teams are expected to maintain a clean and healthy working environment throughout the competition. It is also a magnificent networking opportunity for everyone in the industry, and combines education with color and taste.

Demonstrations take place throughout this food extravaganza; together with fascinating seminars, tasting events and interactive workshops. All these features are incorporated into the Taste of the Caribbean festival to assist in enhancing the industry and sharing the latest developments and techniques from around the world. It is also the ideal platform for newcomers to the industry to build valuable relationships and make their mark on the market. A great number of vendors will be at the festival, offering festival goers the opportunity to purchase innovative culinary products, and vendors are able to advertise their business and area of expertise. Culinary schools promote their establishments by catering for the receptions and functions at the Taste of the Caribbean festival.

Another popular feature of the festival is the bartender competition, where preparing drinks becomes a form art rather than just serving refreshments. Not only are bartenders judged on their ability to create exotic beverages, but on their personality as well. The winner will be known as the Caribbean Bartender of the Year. The Taste of the Caribbean is a colorful festival that is recommended to industry leaders as well as consumers and will be taking place on September 9-12 this year.