The Artisans Fair – A Collaboration of the Arts

If you are planning a trip to Puerto Rico around the June/July holidays, you might want to consider spending some time at the Artisans Fair. This brilliant fair will keep you entertained for hours and features all forms of art including dancing and singing.

The festival takes place each year during the June/July holidays, though the exact date of the festival may differ, so it is a good idea to check ahead of schedule to see exactly when the Artisans Fair will be held. Sponsored by a local company, the Artisans Fair has been a massive hit ever since its inception only a few short years ago. The fair is a showcase of talent from all forms of the arts and includes graphic art, fine art and performing art. It is here that you will find a splendid mixture of live folk music, vibrant dance music and an impressive mixture of art and crafts. It is estimated that between 125 and 400 artisans will usually meet together at either the Plaza de la Darsena or the Paseo de la Princesa – both of which are situated in Old San Juan – during the festival to showcase their artwork. Here they set up booths and stalls, thinking of creative ways to best promote themselves and their artwork. It is traditional artists and crafters which make up the bulk of the Artisans Festival in Puerto Rico, but there is more to the event that just art and crafts.

In amidst this fantastic collection of artists and crafters from every walk of life, you will find a wonderful variety of performing artists and musicians. Music and dance are as much a part of the festival as they are a part of Puerto Rico’s culture and you will find that every street surrounding the plaza’s involved will carry the constant beat of a drum. The music may take the form of traditional country singing, new age dance music or more classic Afro-Caribbean beats. There is singing and dancing and a wonderfully lively atmosphere. There is also plenty of local food available for purchase so you can sample some of the local delicacies while enjoying this festive occasion. So enjoy the Puerto Rico Tourism Company Artisans Fair next year and make the most of this great celebration.