The Bustling Puerto Del Ray Marina

For a wide variety of reasons the beautiful archipelago of Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination. Situated in the northeastern Caribbean, west of the Virgin Islands and east of the Dominican Republic, the archipelago consists of the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands and cays, most of which offer stunning sandy beaches, with the sparkling clear waters of the Caribbean Sea inviting sun-lovers to enjoy the wonders of nature. The Puerto Del Ray Marina is the largest and busiest marina in Puerto Rico as it serves as the home base for yachts and boats that ferry tourists to and from these beautiful islands.

The Puerto Del Ray Marina lies within a sheltered harbor and serves as home to myriads of boats and yachts that are mainly used for recreational boating. The marina has all the facilities necessary to ensure that owners of the yachts and boats moored there have the convenience of spending as little time as possible seeing to the maintenance side of water travel, so that they can make the most of their leisure time. For many yacht owners whose income depends on the tourist trade, these efficient services are essential. These yacht owners will have a specified area at the Puerto Del Ray Marina which is reserved for them and generally paid for on a monthly basis in order to secure the mooring.

Many privately owned yachts, as well as charter yachts on long distance journeys, stop off at the Puerto Del Ray Marina in order for the passengers to visit the numerous places of interest on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The marina has areas which allow for these vessels to rent a space for a period of time and all the maintenance and refueling services are available for their use. The many other facilities at the marina include scuba diving and snorkeling equipment for rent, complete with lessons if required, as well as guides that can take visitors to the best spots to explore the delights of the Caribbean underwater world.

The Puerto Del Ray Marina is stretched out over such a large area, that getting from a moored yacht to the land is a journey in itself. But even that journey can be an adventure as motorized mini golf carts collect passengers from their vessels and whiz them to their chosen destination, which may be one of the many shops and restaurants incorporated into the marina, or to one of the many taxis waiting to take visitors to explore the city and surroundings.

Certainly keeping a marina the size of Puerto Del Ray running efficiently is no easy task and, as a key element in promoting tourism in the archipelago of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Del Ray Marina is invaluable.