The Exceptional Rincon Film Festival

Rincon is generally known as a picturesque holiday destination, with unspoilt beaches, a vibrant energy and hotspots for surfers, both local and foreign. Once a year, the lure of this magnificent city is enhanced by the hosting of the Rincon Film Festival. The city comes alive with parties, lavish dinners and an influx of visitors attending this film extravaganza. This year, the Rincon Film Festival will take place between the 22nd and the 26th of April. It is set to be film holiday of a lifetime.

The Rincon Film Festival was created to promote the arts and colorful culture of Puerto Rico through the film industry. It is also creates opportunities for young filmmakers to present their work. It is a source of inspiration and support for aspiring filmmakers, and encourages the youth of Puerto Rico to explore their skills and develop their capabilities. Not only does the festival bring exposure to the local film industry, but it invites Spanish and English filmmakers to submit their work and therefore draws a lot of attention from the American film industry and the international market.

There are various categories for filmmakers to enter into, such as approximately fifty minute feature films, fifty minute documentaries, forty nine minute short films, student films, music videos, animated films and features, documentaries, short films, and animated films and student films on Puerto Rico.

Every day of the festival is an exciting event, with films being shown and a lively after party at the Lazy Parrot on opening night. Daytime screenings take place through the day at Villa Cofresi on the 23rd of April, with the evening being a night of horror movies, dinner and after parties at the Shipwreck Bar and Casa Verde. On the 24th, the daily screenings will take place again at Villa Conresi, with Casa Islena serving films and Hors d’ourves in the evening and a wild after party taking place at Beside the Point. After the daytime screenings at Villa Cofresi, on the 25th, visitors can look forward to a night of films and parties at the Rincon Beach Resort. Closing day at the festival is a spectacular event, with adventurous activities keeping visitors occupied during the day on the beaches. Dinner, films and the anticipated awards evening take place of the 26th of April.

From breathtaking views and foot-stomping rhythms of the night, to quality films and beautiful beaches, Rincon has it all. The Rincon Film Festival is located in a wonderful city and promises to entertain, thrill, and evoke emotion inside of every visitor. This is a film spectacular that is a recommended event to attend while enjoying the hospitality of Puerto Rico.