The Famous Amparo Porcelain Inn of Puerto Rico

Down a pretty little street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, there lies a little treasure chest to delight the senses and the heart of each one who is privileged enough to be able to visit and spend the day – the Amparo Porcelain Inn. It is impossible not to lose yourself somehow as there’s so much to see and on occasions it can seem a little overwhelming to some.

The talented artist and creator of the amazing pieces of art at the Amparo Porcelain Inn is none other than the lovely Amparo Cuillar, or as she’s commonly known ‘The Porcelain Lady’. Unlike most other studios, Amparo Cuillar is only open on a Wednesday from about 11am in the morning till about 5pm in the late afternoon. If this not is convenient or maybe you are visiting from out-of-town, a special appointment can be arranged and hopefully fit into your schedule. Should you be a fortunate enough to get an invitation to her studio and home, you will not be sorry, as once a year, in the beginning of November, 53 Calle de Cristo opens its doors with a long standing tradition that has been going on for over 25 years. It’s the much anticipated and exceptionally special opening to Cuillar’s Christmas Bazaar, showcasing some of Cuillar’s most exquisite porcelain pieces imaginable.

There is undoubtedly a great sense of appreciation for the work created by the renowned Amparo Cuillar and this can be seen when throngs of visitors and guests line the narrow sidewalks outside the Amparo Porcelain Inn from early in the morning in anticipation of her new collection.

Dusk begins to settle during the Cuillar’s Christmas Bazaar as musicians perform their melodious tunes way up high on the balcony overlooking the courtyard, while flutes of champagne are circulated by men in tuxedos. On such occasions it is nearly impossible to get a few moments to speak to Amparo Cuillar before she is whisked away to converse with someone else. At this point you stand and look around, absorbed in the excited chatter that can be heard from the more then 100 people in attendance. All the time you are deciding which original Amparo Cuillar porcelain piece you’d like to take home. Nowhere else will you have such an experience than at the Amparo Porcelain Inn.