The Glorious Sopas of Puerto Rico

So you have been to Puerto Rico! Now everyone and his cousin will expect you to be an accomplished chef in terms of Puerto Rico recipes, though you may have visited the Caribbean territory for reasons far removed from cuisine! The food of Puerto Rico is amongst its most sought after natural assets. The confluence of influences from many distant continents does indeed give it an image and a taste of distinction!

Sopas offer you a convenient and delicious way of meeting the Puerto Rico food expectations of family and guests at your meal table. You can make a mean version of the classic Hispanic soups which grace all meal tables in Puerto Rico. They tend to be substantial enough to divert some attention from an entrée, and lend an exotic touch to even the most ordinary meal. Best of all, you can rustle up sopas in a hurry, and have people drooling over your food processing skills all the same. So cheers to the sopas of Puerto Rico!

Chicken and rice may not sound very exotic, but you can only know the magic of Puerto Rico when you have had an expert chef on the island put these two ingredients together in to a sopas of ‘pollo’ and ‘arroz’. Much of the secret lies in the vegetables which are stacked in to lend their wonderful flavors, especially the yams from under the soil. It is easy to dress up your home sopas of chicken and rice in the Puerto Rico way! Best of all, the Puerto Rico tradition is to use a few secret spices for your own creations, so you can make your own signature sopas!

Black beans are other favorite bases for sopas in Puerto Rico, though Cubans like to call this dish their own. Well, who cares even if Fidel patents the stuff, as long as it tastes good and makes for filling sopas? Salad and breads may be enough to make an entire meal out of sopas with ‘frijoles,’ provided that there is plenty of good humored Puerto Rico laughter and dancing to go with it!

Finally, an easy route to a genuine Puerto Rico sopas is through sea food. ‘Pescado,’ whether from a river, a tank, or the ocean, is always authentic in Puerto Rico cuisine terms. Remember that fillets are gringo stuff, and that no islander worth his or her salt will take the head or tail off a fish used for sopas. Vinegar, alcohol, hot spices, and veggies-the more you shove in to a fish sopas, the more authentic it will appear, even for guests right from the middle of Puerto Rico!