The Mysterious, Yet Famous Dreuxilla Divine

Every Puerto Rican knows the name Dreuxilla Divine. She is a drag queen that came on the scene in the year 2000 and has gained popularity over the last few years. All that is really known about this mysterious Puerto Rican celebrity is that she was born on 12 January 1974. Some say that Dreuxilla Divine was born in Rio Piedras and others firmly believe that this fashion icon originates from the upper class neighborhood of El Condado in San Juan.

Although some facts remain clouded and relatively sketchy, two facts are confirmed: Firstly, the identity behind Dreuxilla Divine is still a well-guarded secret; and secondly, everyone loves Dreuxilla Divine. This multi-talented Puerto Rican drag queen is a successful fashion critic, an adored stand-up comedian and one of the preferred beauty pageant hosts. She is not only known in Puerto Rico, but has gained a steady following in Miami and in New York. Her image has also graced the covers of magazines such as ‘Colony Magazine’, ‘Vea’ and ‘Teve Guia’, with a center-fold picture appearing in the ‘Primera Hora’ newspaper.

But all these achievements have not seen this Puerto Rican drag queen sitting on her laurels. She is currently seen on a television show called ‘Sacando Chispa’, with Milly Cangiano as co-host. Milly Cangiano is also well-known to many Puerto Ricans, as she is a popular journalist. The show has established a loyal audience, both locally and internationally. ‘Sacando Chispa’ has also set a milestone in the Puerto Rican broadcasting industry, as Dreuxilla Divine has become the first female impersonator to host a talk show in Puerto Rico.

It seems that the possibilities for Dreuxilla Divine are endless. Requests for her presence as host, presenter, MC and entertainer mean that she is a very busy person. One has to wonder if the personality behind Dreuxilla could have predicted her success, or that being Dreuxilla Divine would become so exhausting, or that she would become as popular and loved as she clearly is. With many fans, her website and numerous opportunities arising each day, we can only wait to see where this journey might lead this famous and extremely fascinating Puerto Rican drag queen.