The Vibrant Atmosphere of La Casita Fest

Puerto Rico is known as an island destination that is filled with adventurous activities such as scuba diving, horse riding, hiking, snorkeling and mountain biking. Attractions, including historical sites, architectural masterpieces and a rich culture, lure tourists to its shores each year. It is a holiday location that keeps visitors warm during the day, with its moderate temperatures, and heats up the evening with its nightlife, hip swinging atmosphere and festive energy. Tourists often plan their holiday dates around festivals and seasonal activities, but there is one festival that does not take time off, and that is the all year La Casita Fest, or Festival La Casita.

Many of the artistic residents of Puerto Rico can be found in Old San Juan. It is a haven for people who create masterpieces with their imagination and look for freedom of expression and emotion through their art. Along the streets artists display their work in the hope of discovery and recognition, and view events such as the La Casita Fest as an opportunity to promote their skills and talents.

The Festival La Casita is held every Saturday after 6pm, and every Sunday after 4pm, once vendors and shoppers have gone home. It is held in the Plaza Parsena, in Old San Juan, which is directly across from Pier 1 and should not be too difficult to find. All visitors need to do is listen for the hypnotic beats of the musicians and follow the sea of local and foreign festival goers.

There is a truly unique vibe at the La Casita Fest, and it can be described as a celebration of the arts. Not only do musicians entertain the moving crowds, but dance parties and groups stun the public with magnificent dance performances. Puppeteers take to the stage to bring a smile to the younger generation and orchestras add a touch of style and grandeur to the events and activities. Other attractions at the festival include the timeless paintings by artists and the breathtaking carvings and sculptures that were patiently created by the hands of sculptors.

For visitors and locals alike, La Casita Fest is an artistic extravaganza of art in all its forms. With performers and entertainers captivating those in attendance and displaying the talent that lies undiscovered in Puerto Rico, the festival is one the events on the island that should not be missed.