Unforgettable Scuba Diving at Yellow Reef

Situated in the Caribbean Sea and with temperate weather conditions all year round, the archipelago of Puerto Rico is perfect for water sports of all descriptions. Scuba divers who have explored its underwater treasures agree that diving conditions are among the best in the world. The colorful Yellow Reef in the vicinity of the island of Desecheo is considered by many to be one of the best dives off the coast of Puerto Rico.

The small uninhabited island reserve of Desecheo, situated off the west cost of Puerto Rico, is home to goats, monkeys and plentiful bird-life. The waters around Desecheo are swarming with sea life and contain some of the richest coral reefs in the Caribbean. The 30-minute trip from the mainland town of Rincon to Desecheo is an adventure in itself and divers can expect to see pilot whales, dolphins and giant mantas on the way.

Yellow reef is an underwater series of deeply cut ravines with limestone slopes and boulders honeycombed with caves and encrusted with sponges and coral in a rich palette of color. At about 50 feet below sea level, divers will discover that the caves contain a wealth of undersea beauty. With the aid of dive lights, the awe-inspiring rich mosaic of yellow, blue, purple, orange, pink and red comes to life. Sponges, purple lace corals and clusters of pink and red coralline algae cover every inch of the cave walls.

Schools of yellowtail snappers and grunts swim around at varying speeds, changing direction in the blink of an eye. Horse-eye jacks, which can reach up to 40 inches in length, swim to and fro. The rocky slope meets the ocean floor at a depth of about 90 feet, where barracuda, sting-rays and turtles can be seen combing the area for food.

The same volcanic activity which was responsible for shaping Puerto Rico’s diverse topside terrain also created the incredible underwater landscape which makes scuba diving an exciting and rewarding activity, for seasoned divers as well as for those who are just starting to explore the wonders beneath the waves. So, be sure to go scuba diving at Yellow Reef when you visit fascinating Puerto Rico.