Upgrades at Luis Muñoz International Airport

Named in honor of the first elected-governor of Puerto Rico, the Luis Muñoz International Airport near San Juan serves around 8.5 million passengers every year. More than a dozen airlines have hubs at the airport, while thirty-one airlines feature the airport on their regularly scheduled routes. This busy airport is currently undergoing major renovations to keep up with passenger demand, and to ensure that security measures are up to international standards. It was recently announced that two terminals are scheduled to open in 2015, featuring retail stores, restaurants and high-tech baggage scanners, and it is anticipated that Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines will move into the first renovated terminal by February.

The report regarding the progress of the $200 million renovation was made by Aerostar Airport Holdings CEO, Agustin Arellano. The Mexican company has been operating the Luis Muñoz International Airport following an agreement made with Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla more than a year ago. The agreement will be in effect for forty years. The airport was previously managed by Puerto Rico’s Port Authority, which lacked funds for maintaining and upgrading the airport.

Located around five kilometers southeast of San Juan, in Carolina, the Luis Muñoz International Airport is rated by passenger traffic as the busiest airport in the Caribbean region. The airport is connected to San Juan’s financial district, Hato Rey, by the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge across the San José Lagoon. The bridge is named in commemoration of Puerto Rican businessman and politician, José Teodoro Moscoso Mora, who is credited with transforming the economy of Puerto Rico from agriculture to industry with a series of projects known as ‘Operation Bootstrap’. The total length of the low-level trestle girder bridge, which was opened in February 1994, is 2.25 kilometers. It is the venue for The World’s Best 10k marathon which attracts thousands of runners every year – many of whom travel to the Enchanted Island via the Luis Muñoz International Airport.