Vieques, Puerto Rico: Restoring Beauty to a Wonderful Island

In 2001, the Bush administration promised to stop naval bombing practices upon the island of Vieques and in 2003, the destruction stopped. Although the 2/3rds of the island that the navy of the United States had owned has now been turned over to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, little has been done to the areas of bombing destruction, but like all places of beauty, inroads are starting to take place.

The people of Vieques, who stood firm against the bombing, are returning the pristine little piece of land off the coast of eastern Puerto Rico to its original beauty. Vieques, which is known as La Isla Nena (little girl island), has the charm and freshness of a small child who has finally found their way.

If you are looking for a vacation that is void of the stress of everyday life, than this island in the Caribbean is the place for you. There are three ATMs on the island, affordable and comfortable Puerto Rico accommodation is easily obtained, and for those who like a more intimate setting, camping is allowed throughout many locations of the island.

For those who love the ocean, some of the most undisturbed diving can be had in the various cays of the island. One place that is unique and strongly recommended is Mosquito Bay. This bay is home to luminescent dinoflagellates which, when disturbed create an amazing phenomenon of light underwater. These dinoflagellates are a combination of animal and plant life, which are microscopic in size. Check with the local dive companies for the times of the best conditions for witnessing this amazing occurrence.

On our Puerto Rico travel pages, you will find links to hotels that will be happy to assist you in planning a trip to this island of true beauty. For those who wish to visit there are two ways to reach this island, by either small plane or ferry. If you are a U.S. citizen no passport is required, for all other travelers a passport is needed.

So take yourself to a place that lacks the selfish attitude that is found throughout most of the Caribbean and enjoy a place of rebuilding in pride that is Vieques.