Visit OBRA Galleria

The OBRA Galleria was the brainchild of Jose E Alegria, who was born into a family of artists, some of whom have contributed greatly to the art culture of Puerto Rico. Alegria’s grandfather was a brilliant painter and his father became a well known art collector. His uncle, Don Ricardo Alegria, was referred to as the Father of the Puerto Rican Culture after founding the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. Another of Jose Alegria’s uncles owned a respected art gallery. These artistic influences inspired Jose Alegria to open the OBRA Galleria.

With the support and help of Don Ricardo Alegria, Jose Alegria established the OBRA Galleria in the year 2000 in Puerto Rico’s Old San Juan. The gallery’s exceptional permanent and temporary exhibitions feature both local Puerto Rican artists and international Names. OBRA Galleria’s fine collection has managed to win the gallery the favor of the Critics of the Puerto Rican Association of Art numerous times. The OBRA Galleria offers visitors a wonderful selection of sculptures and colorful paintings from the best known artists. Through dedication to exceptional art it has become known as one of the most significant art galleries in Puerto Rico.

Some of the artists represented at the gallery include Michael J Korber, Angel Botello, Carlos Suenos, Francisco Zuniga, Jose Luis Cuevas, Wanda Nieves, Jorge Zeno, Lorenzo Homar, Victor Vasarely, Domingo Garcia, Johnny Palacios, Dale Chihuly, Roberto Parrilla, Bonilla Ryan, Nick Quijano, Cristobal Ruiz and Alfonso Arana, to name a few. Visitors will be able to gain invaluable insight into the culture and arts of Puerto Rico, and a trip to the OBRA Galleria is truly a remarkable experience. The OBRA Galleria is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, with trading hours from 11 am to 6 pm. Special exhibitions take place throughout the year, and it is recommended that you contact the gallery to inquire about current exhibitions and future artistic events.