Visit the Tropical Agricultural Research Station

The Tropical Agricultural Research Station in Mayagues, Puerto Rico, was established in the year 1901 and is vital to the agricultural sector of the island. Not only does the Tropical Agricultural Research Station do essential research, but it assists local farmers and has become a fascinating tourist attraction. Visitors to Puerto Rico, with a love for beautiful plants and breathtaking flowers, will find the research station to be a magnificent facility.

During the week, the Tropical Agricultural Research Station is open to tourists and visitors, and inside they have the opportunity to walk through a vast variety of yarns, orchids, and trees. Plant species have been collected from all over the world, giving the station a staggering collection of approximately two thousand different plants. Therefore, visitors can look forward to seeing camphor trees, rubber trees, black pepper, and vanilla. On an island that has over three hundred different soils present, research is done to investigate the effects of climate changes and rainfall.

Soil research goes hand in hand with fruit production research that assists local farmers to increase their crops, to cultivate nutritious fruit and develop a larger marketability. Different fruits, such as mangoes, lychees and papayas, can be grown in any type of soil, as long as they receive the correct amounts of water. Recent studies at the station have included studies on the black sigatoka plant disease that is not found in Puerto Rico, but is threatening crops in other Caribbean countries and islands. The disease causes a reduction in fruit production in plants and the research done at the Tropical Agricultural Research Station will help to hopefully find solutions to the disease and provide for early prevention.

Developing agricultural systems and researching potential threats to crops helps farmers to cultivate their crops to the best of their abilities, and produce fruits fit for export in any part of the island. Visitors will be amazed at the diversity of the station and marvel at the extraordinary plant species that can be viewed. Their groundbreaking work and tireless efforts make the station vital to the agricultural industry in Puerto Rico and a noteworthy tourist attraction.