Volleyball Victory for Puerto Rico

Twelve countries entered the 2011 Pan-American Volleyball Cup, and the tenth edition of this tournament is being hosted in Cuidad Juarez, in Mexico. It kicked off on 1 July 2011 and the finals will be taking place on 10 July 2011. The countries participating include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, United States of America and Venezuela. The teams were divided into two pools, namely Pool A and Pool B, to play their way into the quarter finals, semi finals and then the finals.

On Thurday, 30 June 2011, Puerto Rico began their tournament journey in Pool B, coming up against Costa Rica, where they enjoyed a successful 3 – 0 victory. Unfortunately they went on to endure losses against the United States and Brazil, as they played against these two teams on Saturday and Sunday. But Yarimar Rosa was not yet willing to give up, and on Monday, 4 July 2011, the Puerto Rican National Team went out onto the volleyball court with fierce determination to face Trinidad and Tobago. The team from Trinidad and Tobago, known as the Calypso Spikers, faced off against Puerto Rico with much at stake. It was their last match for the Pool B round, and they were desperately looking for a victory. The team is captained by Krystle Esdelle, and the tension at the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad was very high as the teams walked onto the court. In their previous encounters with Brazil, Peru and the United States, the Trinidad and Tobago team was not able to secure a victory, and they were hoping that they could secure their first victory for the tournament against Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico National Team was ready for action and was able to deliver a fourth consecutive loss to Trinidad and Tobago. Esdelle commented after the game that they started off too relaxed and that it cost them the victory, while their coach was a little less forgiving, stating that he was not satisfied with the level of play his team delivered and believed they were not playing at the level they are capable of, but also ceded that they are still an inexperienced team. The victory was a significant milestone for Puerto Rico who secured their second victory in four matches.