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There are many universities in Puerto Rico that specialize in a number of different subjects. The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, for instance, focuses on leadership, productivity and competitiveness: skills that will hopefully be used to contribute towards local communities and expose individuals of all backgrounds to intellectual and technological advancements. The American University of Puerto Rico incorporates the Institute of Homeland Security which focuses on security and all the different facets thereof. Subjects include forensic computer investigation, bio-defense and transportation safety. Students can gain an associates, bachelors or masters degree and they will be able to work in either the private or government sectors where they can contribute to crime prevention, as well as assisting in solving crimes.

One of the biggest universities in the country is most likely the University of Puerto Rico that is situated in Mayaguez. The university not only provides education on the various subjects offered at most major universities but also tries to equip students with the skills necessary to successfully face the challenges of professional life. There is a strong focus on giving back to the community and on enhancing current social, economical, agricultural, humanitarian, and engineering skills. Those attending the university are mostly local and come from all sorts of academic, racial and social backgrounds. They are encouraged to embrace the multicultural structure of the institution and to prepare well for their academic studies. The hope is that these students will mature into well-rounded adults with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a success of their lives and to generally contribute towards the raising of living standards for not only themselves and their families, but their immediate communities too.

Many young people make their way to the various universities every year in the hopes of carving out a better future for themselves. Puerto Rico’s universities try to uphold high standards and the students who attend them are encouraged to do likewise.

Puerto Rico Department of Education Website (Spanish).

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