Get Current Weather Conditions and Latest Forecasts in Puerto Rico

The Cordilla Central Mountains have a surprisingly large impact on the weather and climate in Puerto Rico. Their position can have a channeling effect on the winds that increases wind speed, or they can have a sheltering effect on certain areas depending on the wind direction. Puerto Rico has a warm, moist atmosphere and most of the rain in Puerto Rico is orographic. This means that the warm moist air is made to rise due by the mountains in Puerto Rico where it then cools, condenses and falls as rain.

May to November is the general considered to be the ‘rainy season’ in Puerto Rico. The little rain that falls from November to April is largely due to the seasonal fronts that affect the US and this mainly falls on the north-eastern part of the island.

The temperature in Puerto Rico doesn’t vary greatly and this makes for pleasant living. The northern coast of the island experiences warm peaks of 80 degrees Fahrenheit around August which drops down to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in February. Inland temperatures drop considerably more and may be 10-15 degrees different from the coastal average.

The weather in Puerto Rico generally makes for fantastic island living and you’re almost guaranteed of good weather regardless of when you decide to visit. So make the most of this fantastic island weather the next time you visit Puerto Rico.

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