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  • Laptop shopping...

    which l.t's seem to be the choice of choices out there now, and what seems to be the take on these new Tablet PC's that were recently launched...
    sincerely, boricuafrican

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    Get a DELL laptop.

    [b][i]If you really want a new toy, just for the sakes of fun, get a Microsoft POCKET-PC: if possible, one of those POCKET-PC celular combos.

    Take a look at these other Pocket PC's:

    Otherwise wait another 12 months before jumping into the TABLET wagon, 'cause usually any new technology is faulty during the first 24 months.


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      quick ?

      in a comparison between Apple and Dell, why one over the other, other than the Dell having a Microsoft o.s.,...i'm a Java man, i'm trying to discover if there is any real advantage of performing Java on Macs instead of Microsoft platforms...
      sincerely, boricuafrican


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        i'm not a huge fan of microsoft, i'm defineately not going to purchase a Tablet, their o.s. are made from .NET, not a big .NET fan either...
        sincerely, boricuafrican


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          To me Apple products are BLACK-BOXES...

          [b][i]Only other Apple products work in them.

          If you are really a JAVA-man, well, buy an Intel-based laptop with LINUX installed. At least the hardware side will not be as expensive as it would be by the Apple route.


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            thanks for the advice...
            sincerely, boricuafrican


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              hey El Jibaro

              what do you think about this article...

              sincerely, boricuafrican


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                Sorry for not reading this message you left four days ago!

                [i]Yep, I suspected that LINUX would be more prone to hacker VANDALISM than Windows. It goes with the territory:
                If you make the OPERATING SYSTEM open source, don't be surprised that malicious hackers use that knowledge for evil purposes.
                Then again, the Windows DEVELOPER Team has too much power in their hands, and they can be prone to a malicious member in their own ranks.

                What this will come down to in future years is encryption based on voice-recognition or something similar...


                For BUSINESS USE I would rather go with the company that gives the most INSURANCE for their product. In my mind MICROSOFT does afford more protection than the makers of LINUX.

                Then again, I would not be surprised if MICROSOFT later came out with its own flavor of LINUX...[b]