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  • The Best Internet Security Programs

    Surfung The Internet is fun because you can with ease do some shopping, pay some bills, look up information, study, etc, etc,. But is also very, very dangerous due to the following; Theft Identity and Viruses. Fortunately, help is here! You can purchase a Virus protection program that can and will help protect your computer from Hackers and Viruses. Two of the BEST and highly recommended Internet Security Programs I personally recommend are: Zone Alarm and Spybot. ZoneAlarm is by all means one of the BEST Internet Security Program due to its high standards and sophisticated unbreakable chain of inner Security Writing done by Professional Laboratory Network Engineers. This firm is so confident that they offer a FREE download for you to try and keep without any obligation to purchase anything, anytime whatsoever. Visit their website at:,. The second BEST Internet Security Program is...SPYBOT! This program is EXTREMELY good at what it does and how it does it without interfering with your PC memory or work. Visit: and do some reading. In the near future I will be posting other Interesting, Important and PC beneficial Information for EVERYONE here to enjoy reading. For those that don't know me, am well known by the nick of..."netlee". You can feel free to see my color photo I posted here few weeks ago. And by the way, I just uploaded a recent full color photo for everyone here to see me. May the love and blessings of God be with all here.
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    Hello! Everyone!@ Its me, netlee here again visiting and for now staying here for a long, long time. You can read articles on Computer issues I posted. Every now and then I will be writing articles concerning PC Repair and Maintenance. Since am having problems changing my email address for those that wish to email me, my NEW email is:

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    Had spybot at one magic experience, of course.
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      spybot is one of the programs i use. i also have norton, malwarebytes and others.


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        i have found that, even thought it's unwise to without it imo, norton just doesn't do it alone. in fact once when i was having issues, a norton tech kind of slipped it to me and even suggested adding malwarebytes as additional security. there are things malwarebytes catches norton doesn't - and it's free.