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    Originally posted by El Jibaro View Post

    If you look at my wife in the face you will see what happened to all the "indians" [i.e., Native Americans]. You see, my wife is SALVADORAN. You look at her face and you can see the face of a long-ago Maya Princess painted in the murals of one of those Maya ruins. We Puerto Ricans are the EXCEPTION.

    In most of Hispanic America the "indian" ethnicity is not only a "genetic" marker, but a LIVING CULTURE that blended in PERFECTLY with the Spanish culture of 1500-1700. This is not so surprising, since the Spanish Culture itself is the "evolved" Roman Culture of 2000 years ago. Every time I go the Freehold Mall I marvel at seeing a Mexican cook making a "Gyro", which is the Mediterranean equivalent of a "Taco". This may be a "coincidence" [is it "> , but to me it is not, rather I see it as a CONVERGENCE of two different Peoples living in similar climatic conditions. Therefore, I thank God that it was not Nordic Pirates who colonized much of America but Spanish Peoples, who not only took over, but BLENDED IN PERFECTLY with the locals; because BOTH PEOPLES had SIMILAR cultures. And I say SIMILAR in the sense of APPROXIMATELY similar, not of exactly similar.

    Thus, the Native Americans not only taught Spaniards about Maize, Cassava, Potatoes, Annatto, turkeys, DAILY BATHS, etc., etc., but they are CURRENTLY an ACTIVE CULTURAL FORCE in most of Latin America. We in Puerto Rico are the ones MOSTLY MISSING OUT ON THIS !

    Interestingly MOST PUERTO RICANS dislike Mexican "wetbacks" and similar Peoples from Central America, and when they come to live in Puerto Rico they stick out like a sore thumb. They are the DESCENDANTS of the Maya and the Aztecs and the Toltecs, and yet we "white" Puerto Ricans look down on them with disdain. You will not see one of their types winning a Miss Puerto Rico contest any time soon. In fact, MOST, if not ALL, Miss Puerto Rico contestants that go to the Miss Universe Pageant are "white" Spanish girls. WHY ? Your guess is as good as mine ...

    Manuel Alonso

    Puerto Rican Tainos
    Google Image Result for

    Imagine the "Eden" called Borikén. It was ruled by nature. A place that was almost completely a rain forest from shore to shore. A place filled with yagrumos, alelís, ceibas, orchids, wild mushrooms - some over 6 feet wide, over 100 species of palm trees, bamboo, elephant ear leaves of the yautía, giant philodendron, giant ferns, mamey and guava trees. A place where wildlife such as cangrejos, manatees, giant sea turtles, iguanas, cotorras, and carpinteros lived undisturbed by man. Giant fish jumped out of rivers and oceans. Each evening Borikén was cooled by the breezes of the Mar Caribe and serenaded by trillions of coquíes. This was our Isla del Encanto during the reign of the brave Taíno people.

    In spite of having been almost completely wiped out within two decades, the Taínos left us their heritage - a legacy. Traces of Taíno physical characteristics are found in Taíno descendants clustered in areas of Borinquen. The names of many towns (Mayagüez, Coamo), foods (mamey), instruments, trees and plants are original Taíno names. We have little detailed knowledge of Taíno culture, religion and daily life. What we know comes from Spanish documents and from recent excavations.
    Taínos of Puerto Rico, a cultural site

    All About Taino Culture in Puerto Rico

    When I look in my mother's and one of my grandmother's face I see a Taina. Olga Tan[y]on and Nydia Caro are two other examples among millions. The reason the Mexicans stand out in such a sharp way is because their Indian heritage isn't a Taino Indian heritage. Our Indians obviously were not of that same physically exaggerated lineage.


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      Originally posted by Radrook;
      When I look in my mother's and one of my grandmother's face I see a Taina. Olga Tan[y
      on and Nydia Caro are two other examples among millions. The reason the Mexicans stand out in such a sharp way is because their Indian heritage isn't a Taino Indian heritage. Our Indians obviously were not of that same physically exaggerated lineage.
      Radrook, Looking at a face is a hard way to determine race.

      Puerto Ricans are a mixture , with taíno blood lines being ,as have recently been found , to be within 53% of our DNA.

      Spaniards maybe a close second. Africans a third. Those who just fainted please get the smelling salts.

      Spaniards are not just "pote de leche" Whites, they're a mixture as well. A portion of Spanish DNA is of Arabic origin, very dark caucasoids moving towards negroid mixtures . In the American racial pantheon its Black, not necessarily in ours. We're more flexible, something Nuyoricans can never understand.

      If one has picked up American racial values then we're Black. If not, we're a mixture with a heavy Taíno mix.

      How did we mix? By rolling in the hay, in "la quebrada", in the sand and where ever. Spaniards weren't as discriminatory as the English, maybe because their white wigs and buckled shoes must have gotten in the way.

      Only Raven would know........


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        Ignorancia por los 3 lados

        Originally posted by LOU-LOU View Post
        Oye pana, sinceramente, tu comentario es igual de ignorante. Mira, yo soy bien independentista. Pero no soy de ninguna manera un terrorista. Ahora piensa esto...

        Lo que SI han hecho algunos independentistas (que mucho lo llaman actos de terrorismo), cual es la diferencia entre eso y lo que hicieron los Americanos para ellos mismos poder tener SU independencia?

        La verdad es que el terrorismo es una de esas cosas que depende de quien lo esta juzgando. Yo estuve en el ejercito Americano y pasé dos años en Irak. Lo que los Americanos ven como "trayendo democracia a otros paises" otros lo llaman terrorismo en el sentido q invadieron al país de ellos y le estan tratando de cambiar las costumbres.

        Mira, a cualquier estadista que lea esto, les quiero decir que respeto como piensan y ALGUNOS veo porque lo quieren. Lo malo es que esos mismos estadistas con quien eh hablado, en vez de tratar de oir las razones que yo tengo por querer la independencia, inmediatamente, empiezan a insultar (como "Lou-Lou") Nada se va a arreglar asi. Traten de entender el otro lado antes de tomar sus decisiones. Y porfavor, dejen de insultar a otros que tengan una opinion diferente.


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          I don't see African Americans shedding their slave-derived names. They wear those names proudly like some type of a badge! Most Latinos got those Latino names from their Latino ancestors who were explorers and colonists. Not all of them came raping and pillaging. The majoirity came to seek a better life just as the English did. Most of these surnames were from marriages required and sactioned by the Catholic Church. Big difference my freinds!


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            Lo que pasa es que a esta gente les han lavado el cerebro para pensar que cuando uno habla de independecia uno habla de comunismo or terrorismo. Con tales personas no se puede razonar porque son fanaticos que dan su vida por los Estados Unidos y en cuyos ojos los Estados Unidos es incapas de hacer el mal. Lo que a ellos les importa mas es de donde va a venir su proximo bocau de comida. Mas halla de eso nada.