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Why is their more puert ricans in the u.s. then their is on the island?

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  • wanderer34
    Maybe Puerto Rico needs more babies being born there!!!

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  • Yujike
    Puerto Rican-American
    Population (2010 Census)

    Number of Boricuas by state and the %

    Alabama 12,225 0.3
    Alaska 4,502 0.6
    Arizona 34,787 0.5
    Arkansas 4,789 0.2
    California 189,945 0.5
    Colorado 22,995 0.5
    Connecticut 252,972 7.1
    Delaware 22,533 2.5
    District of Columbia 3,129 0.5
    Florida 847,550 4.5
    Georgia 71,987 0.7
    Hawaii 44,116 3.2
    Idaho 2,910 0.2
    Illinois 182,989 1.4
    Indiana 30,304 0.5
    Iowa 4,885 0.2
    Kansas 9,247 0.3
    Kentucky 11,454 0.3
    Louisiana 11,603 0.3
    Maine 4,377 0.3
    Maryland 42,572 0.7
    Massachusetts 266,125 4.1
    Michigan 37,267 0.4
    Minnesota 10,807 0.2
    Mississippi 5,888 0.2
    Missouri 12,236 0.2
    Montana 1,491 0.2
    Nebraska 3,242 0.2
    Nevada 20,664 0.8
    New Hampshire 11,729 0.9
    New Jersey 434,092 4.9
    New Mexico 7,964 0.4
    New York 1,070,558 5.5
    North Carolina 71,800 0.8
    North Dakota 987 0.1
    Ohio 94,965 0.8
    Oklahoma 12,223 0.3
    Oregon 8,845 0.2
    Pennsylvania 366,082 2.9
    Rhode Island 34,979 3.3
    South Carolina 26,493 0.6
    South Dakota 1,483 0.2
    Tennessee 21,060 0.3
    Texas 130,576 0.5
    Utah 7,182 0.3
    Vermont 2,261 0.4
    Virginia 73,958 0.9
    Washington 25,838 0.4
    West Virginia 3,701 0.2
    Wisconsin 46,323 0.8
    Wyoming 1,026 0.2
    USA 4,623,716 1.5

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  • glo59
    People move for better jobs!

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  • MikeRavens
    Thanks for the long post Clip that has nothing to do with the question.

    1) The answer is simple: The economy and U.S. citizenship. Puerto Ricans unlike the rest of the latinos have the luxury of going anywhere LEGALLY to any of the 50 states for better job opportunities and a better way of life than the option you have in an island 130 x 35 miles with 4 million people that is limited because of its territorial status. In the United States all you have to do is get in a car and get on the highway and go state to state to find a better life. You can't do that in an island of 130 x 35 miles...all you can do is go around in circles there.

    Now to answer Clip's silly theory that had nothing to do with the question or topic:

    2) The culture of New York of the lower class doesn't represent the rest of Puerto Ricans in the otherr 49 states. Not all Puerto Ricans in New York are from the ghettos and not all Puerto Ricans in New York act "black".....its a bad stereotype. Not all mexicans in the U.S act like chicanos.....not all african-american act ghetto and not all anglo whites are rednecks......its just bad stereotyping.

    3) In Puerto Rico you are judged by social classes. its where you live, how much you make, what kind of cars you drive, what brand names you wear and where do you shop, what private schools you went or send your kids to and what kind of diploma you have and what kind of people you hang around with.....that's it.....its all about social classes......if you live in San Juan the upper side or Guaynabo you better talk, dress and act like them if you want to be accepted in their inner circle and you better talk and act "white" including speaking ENGLISH which they dominate well. That is the class in Puerto Rico with the good salary jobs and job connections in the private sector and live in nice private community houses and condos and send their kids to the best private schools in the island.

    if you come from the United States and are educated and fit that profile then you will fit right in with that crowd. Doesn't matter what state you come from.

    4) If you are ghetto in the states and come to P.R. and hang around with that crowd caserios and the lower class side then you will be accepted because its the same class, same fashion and basically you will feel at in the ghettos in new york or chicago is not that much different from the many caserios in P.R.....they all will blend in.

    5) now if you put a upper class Puerto Rican lets say from Guaynabo with a lower class Rican from LLOREN Torres then they wont blend in.....they have nothing in common. Its all about social classes and the area you live in Puerto Rico......that's how people are judge and looked upon in the island.

    The same thing from people from "EL CAMPO" old school......its all about social classes.

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  • clip314
    Originally posted by LEVITTOWN_GELE View Post
    Someone tell me why is their more puerto ricans in the u.s. then their is on the island...
    For the same reason there are more Jews in New York than in Tel Aviv, and there are more Irish in the U.S., than in Ireland. They migrated there looking for jobs a long time ago.

    However these mainland Puerto Ricans, like other ethnic groups, are somewhat different from those on the island. However they nonetheless identify with their roots in a folkloric manner. They keep their folkloric identities like food, traditions and dancing, but not much more. By the second generation they are linguistically assimilated and when many go back to their so called mother country they don't seem to fit in. Does it only happen to Puerto Ricans?

    Italian Americans when visiting Italy only identify with spaghettis and tarantella, most can't speak Italian. They are taken aback when they see Italians not sharing their American blue collar back ground in politics. Compared to them, European Italians are very liberal ( even the conservative ones) and they are highly educated too. They are not exposed to Ameriacn news like FOX news 24/7, therefore their world view is more sophisticated. Italian-Americans are shocked when they notice that most youngsters in Italy are bilingual. They look at themselves who can barely speak correct English. Nonetheless they consider european italians to be snobs ( Come Mierdas) and see themselves as holding up the true Italian culture.

    The Newyorican phenomenon among Puerto Ricans is similar. When Newyoricans arrive on the island they are shocked to see Puerto Ricans acting White, ( what ever that means). The fact is they're no longer Puerto Ricans, they are hyphenated Americans whose culture has been picked up in the American ghettos. They have absorbed the American, and or, Black discourse on race and life, therefore they stick out like a sore thumb on the Island.

    **** A Newyorican can be any Puerto Rican who has a specific culture no matter if he lives in New York, Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles or Salt Lake city.

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  • AJDM
    1. Durante la década de los 50, en la cual un promedio anual de 51,000 puertorriqueños emigraba de Puerto Rico a los Estados Unidos debido a que la economía de los Estados Unidos estuvo en todo su auge y a la isla venían reclutadores en busca de obreros para los talleres de la industria de la aguja. En ese tiempo había pocos empleos urbanos en Puerto Rico. Estos trabajos en las fábricas ofrecían ser un gran adelanto social para los empleados. Al mismo tiempo miles de obreros agrarios de la Isla perdieron sus empleos o tan solo trabajaban por temporadas. Esta fue la dé cada de emigración puertorriqueña individual más grande, dado que más de 40,000 personas, que componían casi el 20 por ciento de la población de la Isla, se fueron para los Estados Unidos.

    2. Para la década de los sesenta ya la vida en Puerto Rico había cambiado. Mientras la economía de los Estados Unidos estaba todavía vigorosa, la Isla había comenzado a industrializarse; se establecieron cientos de nuevas fábricas ofreciendo empleos y una oportunidad modesta para vivir confortablemente en Puerto Rico. Pero a pesar de todo esto, las nuevas industrias no podían absorber todos los jóvenes que ingresaban en la fuerza de trabajo, y tampoco a los obreros agrícolas desplazados. Durante esta década aproximadamente 20,000 puertorriqueños emigraban anualmente a los Estados Unidos.

    La mayoria en busca del sueõ americano

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  • Why is their more puert ricans in the u.s. then their is on the island?

    Someone tell me why is their more puerto ricans in the u.s. then their is on the island...