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I need to leran the spanish boriqaus speak

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  • I need to leran the spanish boriqaus speak

    Ok here is the problem.
    I just moved to this place in camden
    NJ, my neigbor,spoke to me in spanish,
    asking me something about my bed.I told
    I can understand some of he was saying

    but I couldn't put it all together,then asked
    how do I speak it,"I told him that I don't
    speak it that well,but I coulad read it and hear it more then I speak it. then he turned around and said that your not boriqua.

    the point is how can I learn the boriqa dialect an proper way to speak to boriquas
    out there. this is very diffrent then san diego Ca,becuse when I'm speaking with
    mexicans,in conversation or work,they understand me more faster then a other puerto
    rican would.So can any one help?


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    Hello Toma J. Reaves

    How can I help you? you can also read the Volunteer Post, we have a group of volunteers that will try to help you.

    If I can be of any help let me know, also try to read the Tutorial Guidelines.

    maybe in the future you can practice your spanish with your neighbor. We are here to help.