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    If you have any Questions, ideas, Suggestions or Comments please use this Post only. It's easier to keep all the information organize.

    Please read The Tutorial Guidelines.

    Thank you for your support.

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    Ok if you have msn internet you can search latest from Puerto Rico, then they give you a list click on the third choice and they give you translations from english to spanish or from spanish to english if you see something on the internet you don't understand you can cut and then paste in the translation section.


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      Thank you for the information, we are moving in the right direction.


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        Voice recording from The MultiMedia works perfect. We can start using this as soon as we can. You know to bad we couldn't start something live. My mind is always going a mile a minute.
        Cuidate mi familia, CaliRican Eda


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          Yes we can, the program is call Microsoft NetMeeting, if you have a multimedia computer with windows 95 or 98 and a microphone & headphone, we can be live any time. Many companies are using this program for voice & video conferencing everyday and if you are in the internet you don't pay extra for this service is (FREE), technology is getting better all the time.



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            Como esta Jose?
            I'll be chating with you soon. Jose if this is possible then lets give it a try. Email me let me know how to hook up. You know the other day I was in Yahoo a live chat room and a live Karoke room, sorry If my singing scared your animals away... I was having fun thats all. Anyways it works fine. The only thing was people hogging up the Microphone. They would press it down for a long time not giving others a try. Im sure with everthing theres always a down fall. But its always worth a try......Cuidate, CaliRican Eda