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    We can send wave files(soundwave)on the internet, it is a recording of you own voice.
    If you have a multimedia computer window 95 or 98 with(Speakers, Audio Card and
    Microphone) we can do this very easily.

    Setting up your computer for wave file.

    1. Go to the Start botton on your computer, select programs, accesories,multimedia and Volume Control (make sure that all control are enable at midpoint), then go back to Start botton , select settings, Control Panel, Multimedia Icon. Open Multimedia and on the Audio Menu make sure that Playback and Recording Volumes are set to the midpoint, preferred quality: radio quality, preferred device: select a device if need it then press Apply and OK bottons and last close all the
    windows. (Most computer will have a default setting).

    To record your voice:

    1. Make sure that the Microphone is connect to your computer(Possible in the back of your computer where the speakers are connected, your computer shoud have a phone plug for the microphone. (Audio Card)

    2. Select Start botton, programs, accesories, multimedia and sound recorder icon.

    3. Sound Recorder will be display, well it is time to record (make sure that the microphone is ON (maybe their is a switch to turn the mic on/off and a volume control.

    4. Press the record botton and start talking, you should see on the Sound Recorder display some lines recording your voice when finish
    press the stop botton.

    5. To playback, use the play botton and you shoud here your voice on the Speakers (make sure that the volume on the speaker are set correctly also some speakers have an on/off switch. If you like the quality of the sound you can save the wavefile, just open the File Menu on the Sound Recorder an select SAVE AS, you can place the wave file on any directory that you will remember.(or place them on the Desktop).

    6. You can attach the wave file to any email and send it to the other person to listen the correct pronunciation of a word.

    I am trying to work with Puerto to include video and audio conferencing on real time in our web site. (will see).

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