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I am Puerto Rican and need to learn spanish

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    hey man... im also puertorican n aint good wit spanish... i do understand it pretty good but speakin isnt mah strongest thang... n writins pretty terrible too... id really luv to be able to speak it fluently so if anyones willin to email wit me in spanish that WUD BE GREAT!! n it wud be great if tha person wud be around mah age im 17 yah so if ya wanna email or sumtin text bak


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      Originally posted by asanchez View Post
      why aren't your parents teaching you? I come from Spanish-speaking parents from Cuba but yet spanish was forbidden in our house. My father refuse to have us speak it. He always said if you going to learn the white man's language learn the most important one , english.

      Luckily I had aunts and cousins who taught us the language.
      You could've grown up bilingual...