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    Tengo amigos rican del puerto. Pero, Soy no puerto rican. Bein' that I'm indian and black have a puerto rican boyfriend,and I speak the little spanish that I DO know with him a lot. Aniiways, I'm lookin' for any spanish speakin' ppl who wanna chat on yahoo or AIM. Please, it'd help if you are bi-lingual (jajaja)

    Mucho Carino


    Yahoo: Mcaramel1520
    Aim: MamiSoSeksi85

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    I know how you feel. I'm native american and italian and i have a mexican girlfriend who speaks spanish. I try to speak what i know with her. to make my matters worse I'm the only white person in my whole neighborhood. Everyone else is latino. not only that Im one of the few white people in my school. Everyone i know speaks spanish. I know enough to get by but spanish speakers speak way too fast for me to understand. I try though. I watch telemundo a lot and im improving my spanish everyday. I learned ya cant learn it overnight. just take it day by day and eventually it will come to you. If you would like to talk spanish with me or help me my e-mail is


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      If you two have spanish-speaking boyfriend and girlfriend, you'll be understanding and speaking in no time