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    I come from a Afro-American and Mexican family. Half of my family speaks spanish and the other half doesnt. I spoke spanish as a very small child, but once I began attending school I stopped. My parents basically spoke English to me, and this didnt make me any diffference, because I didnt really consider myself latino. But now I seriously regret not learning spanish. I regret it terribly. After law school I intend to move to Puerto Rico, but before going I want to learn spanish fluently. before moving there permanantly, I am thinking of traveling to Puerto Rico for a immersion program, I was told that Puerto Rico isnt a good place to go to learn spanish because many people speak English, therefore I could end up speaking English the entire time. I am also considering Mexico, Panama and DR. Any suggestions or advice????

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    i say go to DR... dats real cool place... n peeps speak spanish there... at least tha dudes that i kno


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      Go to Venezuela


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        Vas a Costa Rica!