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  • Want to learn spanish

    Hello. I went to Puerto Rico last year and loved it. I also fell in love with the Puerto Rican dialect. I learned some spanish from my mexican friend and her family when I was in high school. I have forgotten a lot since then. I want to learn again but I only want to learn the Puerto Rican dialect. I have searched for tapes and CD's and I couldn't find anything. They only had spanish from Spain or whatever. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hope to hear from you soon. Bye for now.

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    Hola. I am learning spanish right now. My grandma is from Puerto Rico and she's teaching me spanish. The only problem is she moves back and forth. When I was young I spoke it with her but when she moved I guess I forgot it or something. When she came back I barely knew what she was saying. But anyways if you want I can help you out with what I know. I like the puerto rican dialect too but I'm very inteested in learning all types of spanish. If you want puerto rican music listen to reggaton. I love that kind of music. I like Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Baby Rasta and Gringo and all of the luny tunes. I hope this helps a little bit. adios


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      hi i'm from puerto rico and i was brought to england wen i was young so i forgot most of it wicth was reallysad and i tryed loads of tapes and only a few help but wot i find helpful is listenin to the music then u can pic uthe words shakira has spanish songs on her album and the words to i picked up words from there and stared to put them to gether ands asked my spanish mum if they were rigt and most of them were so i does help try ps its worth is spanish is gr8 fun good luck xxx


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        I don't think there are books and cds specifically for puertoriquenan accent. What you can do is learn spanish and then spend a couple of months in puerto rico