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Starting to learn Spanish.. AGAIN!

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  • Starting to learn Spanish.. AGAIN!

    Hey everyone

    I'm new to the board, and so glad I found it!
    I am starting over with learning Spanish. I've taken it since middle school through my first year in college and it is 100 percent true; if you don't use it, you will lose it!

    So, other than interacting with Spanish speakers, what do you think is best to get started on, I'm teaching myself.


    Have a blessed day!
    Jeremiah 29:11

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    With an English-Spanish, Spanish-English at hand read Spanish magazines, articles, whatnot, and practice. Try writing it in forums like this one knowing that troll crowds on the Internet and elsewhere may be very harsh and intolerant. Use an online translator to help you find words when you are stuck. Find local people that would want to help you out and have conversations with you. Like you said, if you don’t use it you will lose it. It goes both ways. At times I forget some Spanish words and it frustrates me. That is why I hang out in forums like this one and continue to read online Spanish articles and news.

    Other than that, the best way to learn any language is to move to an area where they speak it.

    Good luck.


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      To me was the oppositive or contrariety. I used a TV. with the CC on in english. I remember my first word that I've learned was Instead. Most of the new TV. comes with Close Captioning format or mode. Turn on the CC mode to Español. To me that's one of the best way to learn english. I'm still learning though. I hope this will help, Good Luck.