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Anyone time to correct some sentences? Thanks.. :)

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  • Anyone time to correct some sentences? Thanks.. :)


    I live here on the island, that's why I prefer asking locals, how I should say the following things. I tried to find translations online, but I kinda have the feeling, that it sounds very translated and not natural... if someone would be so nice and would correct the Spanish parts and help me as well with 2 or 3 sentences, that I just gave up on...


    I will never write something like that again.
    Nunca voy a escribir algo así de nuevo.

    I wouldn’t text you, if I wouldn’t miss you.
    Yo no te texteo, si no te extraño.

    I just wanted to say that I am going to stop texting you.
    Sólo quería decir que me voy a dejar de textearte.

    It is not because of you as a person.
    Esto no es tu persona.

    It is just that I have to concentrate on meeting new people.
    Es sólo que tengo que concentrarme en conocer gente nueva.

    For me it is easier to distance myself if I have no contact at all with you.
    Para mí es más fácil distanciarme si tengo ningún contacto con ti.

    We can still hang out, when you are in Puerto Rico.
    Todavía podemos pasar el tiempo, cuando tú encuentras en Puerto Rico.

    Even though I kinda have the feeling, that you have someone else.
    A pesar de que tengo un poco la sensación, de que tienes una otra.

    Thank you again, that you saved my Christmas Eve and that you have taught me some Spanish.
    Gracias de nuevo, que me salvaste la víspera de Navidad y que me enseñaste un poco de español.

    I hope you are not mad at me.
    Espero que no estás enojado conmigo.

    It is hard for me to read you.
    Es difícil para mí de te leo.

    I don’t think that you care that much since you never texted me first anyways, but I am not absolutely sure.
    No creo que le importa mucho….

    But like you said, I am here and you are over there.
    Pero como dijiste, estoy aquí y tú estás allá.

    I am glad that you understand me.
    Me alegro de que me entiendes.

    Hit me up if you should come to Puerto Rico next month. If it will be
    around your birthday and if you are nice, then I will get you a gift.

    And what is the translation/meaning of this one?
    Es moletandote, nada más.

    Thank you, I appreciate it... ... from someone, who is trying to become fluent