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  • any suggestions?

    Hello everybody-
    I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I am a college student who was thinking about majoring in spanish, but there is one problem. I can write spanish and think spanish, but my speech isn't as good as I hoped. Any advice for how to overcome this? I have been practicing my speech, but I have a hard time putting into words what I want to say. Any advice would be much appreciated... thanks!

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    Una sola forma

    Joven, Solo hay una forma de aprender bien el castellano, y eso es "brincarte" baby. Tiene que brincar pa'dentro, as some fo my neighbors would say. Either take a year of your college in Spain, or spend a summer somewhere in a Spanish speaking country where you will not run into gringo tourists, and get out and learn. Now, programs that I know. THe Universidad Inter-Americana in San German has summer programs, and that is the BEST part of the island, BUT, too many gringos have discovered Southwest Puerto RIco, so if you're not careful, you could waste your time hanging around their nightspots. Costa Rica used to have summer language programs, as did Guatemala. Antigua, Guatemala was always popular, but many schools moved away because there were so many tourists in Antigua it detracted from learning. Cuernavaca, Mexico, has a lot of Spanish schools that specialize in total immersion summer courses, but again, lots of tourists and cheap tequila can ruin your plan (if not your mornings after). Ecuador would be great, but the poltiical and economic situations have been hard lately. Arequipa, Peru, great, but probably too far.

    Considering all the costs of travel, and the safety factors (AVOID Colombia), you may be better off looking for something in Spain. Check out La Universidad de Salamanca to see if they have summer programs. DON'T SIGN UP FOR SPANISH. SIGN UP FOR CLASSES IN YOUR FIELD. THAT WAY YOU WILL BE FORCED TO SPEAK AND LEARN.

    Good Luck, say what you may, but if you ever want to express a noble idea, no language is the world surpasses Spanish (Castellano), and very few come even close. Ahora, si quieres requierir de amores a una jovencita hermosa, sirve mejor el frances.


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      In order to really learn to speak it you must be surrounded by people who speak it also.
      Easiest way is to check if there is some Spanish student houseing in your college. Unfortunetly this isnt entirely effective but better than just taking classes. Whats best is to go to a place where the natives speak the language. I believe that Puerto Rico is an excellent place to go to learn. I never got around to San German (though it is right next to Mayaguez). Depending on what your major is, you could consider transfering to one of the divisions of the University of Puerto Rico. I only say that you should avoid San Juan and the rest of the Metro area. Far to many English speaking people, ya might as well go to New York or Chicago. AS i told someone else, this was the method i used and i picked it up in about a year but you can defenatly do it in alot less, as i spent alot of time in places were they speak alot of english. (Aguadilla and Trujillo Alto)
      Either way you will defenatly love the experience of staying in Rico for a time. Just avoid the Fall months. Huricane season and it is always raining.


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        want to learn spanish ?

        well i would say start by watching spanish programs on tv and repeat the words you dont know and the pronaunciation also the radio or cds in spanish . go to the public library and get an spanish conversational tape . and like the other people said talk to others and keep at it
        good luck


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          Thank you for everyone who replied to my post.... all of your suggestions have really helped me out and now I'm at least a little more confident and more knowledgable in spanish... thanks again!!!!