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What Is Your Favorite Film of All Time and Why?

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    Hello There! This post was so long ago but here are some I'd like to contribute:

    If you have not seen it go out and rent it for those who love a good story and twist........

    THE USUAL SUSPECTS - its just excellent!! #1

    L.A. Confidential

    The Count of Monte Cristo - I saw this one on the plane to Puerto Rico, go rent it. Sometimes we are naive he learned a hard lesson.

    Gladiator - and not just because of Russell Crowe :-)

    Shrek :-)

    Monster's Ball is a good one too. so much talk of the sex scene and cable cuts through the movie straight to it you lose it. Rent it to understand better.

    There are others but I can't think of them right now.


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      "Under Suspicion" is a good one, too.
      Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, Monica Bellucci...

      Well, it is based in PR, for starters (as for my reasoning) but a VERY GOOD and DIFFERENT movie -- in terms of directing and camera shots, chronology, etc...


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        kill bill 1&2 - very well scripted and the attention to detail, martial arts cinema tradition and craftsmanship.

        tlr all 3 - labor of love that got better all the way through to the last one. i really admire his dedication to those movies.

        shogun assassin - acting and martial arts that brought a real contrast to the acrobatics and drawn out fights of hong kong movies that didn't disappoint.

        13 assassins - best samurai movie in years hands down and a nice new direction for the director miike.

        harakiri - amazing story and the discipline put into the way the plot unfolds really helps the ending have that much more impact.

        but those are just the ones that pop into mind off the bat. really there are so many. definitely a movie person.