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Relections on la Vida and on Human Beings

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  • Relections on la Vida and on Human Beings

    Human beings.....what are they? Who are they? What is our purpose on this small, bluish planet? If one studies philosophy one can try to think about how we perceive the world. Is it subjective that filter? Objective? Can we bypass the senses or are the senses controllable by the will? To what extent? How much are we slaves to our instincts, desires and thoughts and need to survive? When we are hungry we eat. When we are sleepy we sleep. If we can't, we pay biological consequences. Repressing emotions are detrimental. Letting them rule our decisions is catastrophic. How does one strike a balance. Find a happy medium? The sensual realms are quite alluring. But too much of it is not healthy. Being too spartan and not allowing the senses expressiveness is also not healthy. Discipline of the mind, the body and the spirit is the key to a balanced life. Yet so many of us are imbalanced. Too much strenous work without recreation or play, makes us less productive and snappy and impatient. Too much recreation and not enough work, makes us lazy and indolent and unproductive. Too much wine, too much food, too much of anything is bad. And addictive and destructive. Not enough food, too little relaxing activities and too much stress kills people.

    What is a healthy lifestyle according to you? What do you think is a healthy life? I believe a healthy life is being true to who you are. To what your inner conscious voice says you must do. To be balanced. In all things. And to strive to do your best and work on your flaws your whole life. To do what is within you to do. And figure out why you have failed in the past to improve and never give up. But keep up the good fight for betterment. Until your time is up.