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Suki's Opinions on the Oscars....

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  • Suki's Opinions on the Oscars....

    First of all, why do people love the Oscars. The Academy Awards? Well, every body of work needs recognition. You got lit critics, art critics, food critics, why not film critics. Especially by your own peers. People who are as supposedly dedicated to art as you are. Sure. Right. Unfortunately all art in the USA is based on profit as well. Films are big business. And many times a tired remake is made or a part IV of the same movie because of the need for greed. Lol.

    Yet, films are an expensive endeavor. And therefore require hefty budgets in general. Yet. Truly creative people don't need huge budgets. What they need are gripping stories. Believable or atleast interesting characters and original plots. Easier said than done. Most drama and etc. genres have been explored to death. I am seeing true originality coming more from the independent film industry. They are willing to take risks with characters and storylines that are discarded out of hand by the big corporations. Entertainment is not necessarily didactic in nature. But it should have something to say about human life or interests. If it doesn't it is a failure of a film. Controversy helps of course, for example "The Passion of Jesus" by Mel Gibson. Some sectors of the Jewish community think it is anti-semitic. This just fuels more people to go see just how anti-semitic it is. Each type of art has its medium. Film is a visual art. No one will go to a movie to see a black screen with dialog for one hour and a half. Might as well listen to a radio program if all you get is auditive information.

    Music is auditive art. Therefore sounds and how they are put together is the purpose of music. SOUND. Lack of sound or no sound is that music? I don't think it is.

    Dance is the art of movement. Human or (can be animal too). Lol. Dance is movement and mostly rythym. And all that implies.

    Painting is visual and instant. If you can't convey your message with theme, color, or material or structure you won't be able to be a good painter.

    All art tries to communicate. If you don't then it still can be art, just not shared or discovered. YET.

    What do I think of the Oscar movies? Lord of the Rings? I have not seen the Rings movies except the first one for a small amount of time. I am afraid I loved Tolkien's books and did not want another film competing with the one I have in my head.

    In terms of actors. Sean Penn is one of the most riveting and outstanding actors and creative people I have ever seen on screen. Deserves it all.

    Benicio del Toro. Not only is he a great actor puertorriqueno but he is riveting as well.

    Renee Zellweger. I am sorry. I don't like her high pitched voice. And her look does not appeal to me. But I really can't judge I have not seen many of her movies.

    Charlize Theron is an excellent actress....tremendously talented actress.

    will come back later on....