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    I just recently finished reading Almost a Woman by Esmeralda Santiago and thought it was excellent. It's a memoir of her life after she moved from Puerto Rico to Brooklyn, NY. It took me down memory lane many times as I read about the things she experienced. So if anyone is looking for a good book to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I recommend that one.

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    Great choice


    I read Esmeralda's book 3 years ago. I agree that it is a great story told in very simple English. She has another book "When I was Puerto Rican" . I believe that one is her first. If you are into Puerto Rican authors, check out Tina Cassanova, Rosario Ferre and Olga Nolla. You may also want to read Luis Gonzalez, Luis Lopez Nieves and Pedro Zervigon.
    All great contemporary Puerto Rican Novelistas.
    Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre.


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      Thanks for leting me know about these authors. I think the follow-up to "When I was Puerto Rican" is "America's Dream", also a great book. There are a host of Puerto Rican authors based in New York City that will have you turning pages nonstop. Right now I'm reading Abraham Rodriguez ("The Boy Without a Flag" [a collection of short stories] and "Spidertown"). Also "Family Installments" by Edward Rivera is good too.