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    I meant "Rersident Evil Ressurection" which is the latest one in the series.

    1. I usually buy these films just to look at Mayo Jovovich who looks feminine while going through her routine kick-ass repertoire. Unfortunately in this film they introduce this wanna-be butch female who ruins each shot with her over the top masculine expressions. Now since Jovovich can carry the picture by herself why introduce this anomaly? The only reason I can think of is to give unemployed actors a chance to earn a few bucks. To me that's like the unnecessary padding in literature where a novice writes waxes melodic for page after page just to meet re required word count.

    2. The film would be better if it didn't present so many unexplained things. Such as Jovovich being injected with a serum which takes away all her powers and then immediately surviving a plane crash that would kill anyone with no powers a all and emerging from the wreckage with the powers she just supposedly lost restored. Why? Did the explosion fix her up? She also appears in this film with a sudden unexplained ability to be at ten or more different places at the same time.
    Kill one and there are always several more.

    3. Now Jovovich is a fine-looking gal and maybe can do with a little touch here and their with makeup. But lo and behold they plastered so much mascara and eyeliner and other garbage on her face that her face looks a couple of shades out of kilter with her arms. In short, she looks clownish. Furthermore, the butch-like lady she rescues looks just fine without makeup but they do the same to her. Which of course destroys credibility since under the post apocalyptic circumstances it supposedly had these babes carrying make-up kits and taking hours to do their faces.

    4. Then we have the Latino tokenism Bs which Latinos supposedly appreciate and maybe won't notice because we are supposed to be dumb? They introduce this fellow who rapidly and almost inaudibly gives his name as Angel De Jesus. Since he looks Anglo, if you don't catch the De Jesus surname that's the way he is perceived for the rest of the picture because otherwise he gives absolutely no indication of being Latino. And yes my friends as expected, they have him blown out of the away unceremoniously as usual as if he were of no real account., In fact, no one mentions his absence even as an afterthought as if to say "Hey, there we go. Tokenism done!" In contrast the Afro America plays a heroes part and is shown at the end surviving and gloating for having had survived.

    This is nothing new folks since in Jurassic Park III we had the only Latino squashed like a roach under Tyranasaurus Rex's foot. In Matrix Revolutions where Afro Americans were unashamedly grossly overrepresented we have the only Latina fire a few shots and then immediately removed by being torn to pieces by a machine while the AA survives. And in Independence day we have Latinos serving coffee to the Anglos, vomiting by the roads, shooting their guns off as gang members and being totally ignored as nations in the final scene. So in that area this picture fares no better.

    But back to the film under discussion, the continual carnage from one scene to another dulls the senses and destroys suspense. There is no slow gradual buildup as in Predator or in Alien or Aliens. Everything is just suddenly right in front of you to see. More of a display of technical special effects.

    Despite all this Jovovich gives a superb performance as usual and when she is on screen she is absolutely captivating. So based on that and special effects the film has merit. .

    IMHO of course.