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    I just watched the movie Pitch Black after a recommendation from my daughter. That was an interesting movie. There weren't any big names in it, but yet it was well done. It's a sci-fi thriller. These people are traveling thru space and end up crash landing on this planet. Conflict comes from a murderous prisoner on board (with special eyes that can see in the dark). The plot thickens as the survivors discover that the planet hides even more danger in the dark. The directing was well done. The eerie "bleached out" appearance of colors made you think of what it might be like to have three suns instead of one shining on your planet. A scene with the rising moon and its rings is spectacular. It's not a movie to watch with the kids. It's pretty scary. In fact, I had a nightmare after watching it that night. But, still I recommend it if you like sci-fi or thrillers.

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    I also enjoyed the movie. The actors were excellent, the story interesting, and the production creative.

    I viewed the DVD version which included some interesting extra features.



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      Thanks for your comment JSM...

      I just got a new DVD player for Christmas, I'll have to check it out on DVD.


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        i luv tha movie cuz vin diesel is in it
        i kno this topic was posted a long time ago but i just had to answer it lol
        anyways now theres tha sequel of this movie in tha theaters The Chronicles of Riddick... go check it out... even tho it aint as good as Pitch Black


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          Hey thanks, Sonita!

          I didn't know that the Chronicles of Riddick was a sequel to Pitch Black. I heard my son and husband talk about the movie. In fact, I think they went to see it together, but nobody included Mom in that conversation. They think I only like watching foreign films or dramas. I usually don't enjoy the action movies they like. But if an action movie is done well, then I'll usually be willing to give it a try.


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            lol yah... i havtn seen it yet... havnt had tha money im really really so totally broke... :S so im just waitin to get sum money... n then ill go see it... cuz i hav this weird obsession to see all of Vin Diesels movies lol n this is tha only one (that has come out already) that i havnt seen so i really need to see it even if it was sucky...


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              No big names? Vinny is the man!


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                Originally posted by JenLAbs
                No big names? Vinny is the man!
                Oh yeah! Totally!! ^^


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                  First, it is an excell;nt film and I never tire of seeinmg it over and over again. Well acted and good special effects. Drama keeps you on your toes. However, here are some little things that set me thinking.

                  One part of that movie Pitch Black that continues to baffle me is when Ridick gets his arm seriously broken during a fight with the bounty hunter quickly fixes it back into place with no show of pain or any lasting effect.

                  Another scene that struck me as odd was when Riddick went back to rescue the people he'd left behind in the cave, gets surrounded by the alien creatures and the supposedly holy man who had just been rescued insists that the female captain leave him to his fate.

                  Also, if the female captain, played by Jody Foster, was so quick to jettison the people in order to land the ship and save herself at the outset-what made her suddenly become willing to sacrifice herself as she did at the end? Even to the point of smiling in satisfaction as she was skewed by the creature instead of Riddick.

                  Another scene that causes me to pause is when Riddick takes the group around in circles knowing full well he has a bleeder among them. The group shows no anger or frustration against him when they find out. If indeed he was willing to plow ahead after revealing that there was a bleeder among them-why not plow ahead before? After all, revealing a bleeder didn't stop the creature-attracting flow of blood-did it?


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                    i was really surprised the first time i saw pb. i saw it because i got the times wrong and me and the person i went with had to choose (oops). it was good and i was surprised even more when i saw it was put out by the sci fi channel.