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    Hi, guess what I did on Thanksgiving? You got it, I went to watch The 6th Day. Now, I have to admit I've always been an Arnold fan. I also wanted to go see Unbreakable with Bruce Willis because I figured that would be a more intriguing story line, but Arnold won out. Besides, the concept of cloning humans is an interesting one too.

    Okay, so here's the premise. The movie takes place "in the not too distant future." But, looking at the available technology, I can't imagine it being only ten years away. But as fast as technology moves now, some of the technology portrayed may be available. (But not the cloning process they use.) They've got cars that go on automatic pilot. They've got these cool helicopters that convert into jets, mid-air. Holographic advertisements are everywhere. You can also get yourself a holographic, virtual girlfriend.

    Cloning of animals is legal, and people are inundated with advertisements for Re-pet. When your pet dies, you just get it cloned. However, unlike cloning now (where they start with the egg and "grow" the animal normally) in 6th Day, they have "blanks" (animals or humans) already in the growth process, and they insert the genetic code and mental memory into the blanks. So the pet remembers you, remembers all the tricks you taught it, etc. Cloning of humans is illegal, but as we all know laws never stop anyone when money is involved.

    Arnold's character is a pilot of one of these cool helicopter jets. He gets cloned without his consent or knowledge. It's all a mistake, and so the illegal cloners set out to kill him because he saw his clone. As expected of all Arnold movies, there's plenty of action. Some good lines--the one where Arnold wants to protect his daughter from gratuitous violence is sure to please. And in another scene, one of the bad guys, who has been cloned repeatedly because he's been killed so many times complains because he's never gotten to see--at the time of his death--the bright light or angels. And there are at least a couple embarrassingly dumb lines. But yes, Arnold is STILL in incredible shape. We do get a glimpse of the famous biceps.

    The story does take you, through its characters' dialogue, into the philosophical side of the repercussions of cloning. So, there is plenty of food for thought.

    I think it's definitely worth the price of admission.

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