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Poem to Who We Are; Please Comment, Thanks

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  • Poem to Who We Are; Please Comment, Thanks

    By: José Néstor to all my
    beautiful Puerto Rican
    brothers and sisters around
    the World.

    The Beating of the Drums

    My heart beats with the rhythm
    Our ancient people's drums.
    The Yoruba and the Taíno both
    Burn in me with passion evermore.

    The courage of my people has
    Roots so long and deep, that
    Transcend the passage of time
    Like a long and heavy sleep.

    Brave, ingenious, industrious,
    Brilliant, festive, devoted, fierce,
    All gifts from a time long ago
    When for man freedom was all.

    In me lives the slave who’s
    Chains bound body, but never
    Held soul. For the mind never
    Stopped dreaming of the hunt,
    The spirit, Yambó.

    I am the fierce Taíno cacique
    That braved skin against sword.
    That one who fought right to the end,
    Rather than believe in false gods.

    The spirit lives in music, it never
    Left with those long gone.
    It lives in words, and feelings,
    And things that no one knows.

    But it is here, it is not gone.
    It is right here deep inside my soul.
    If I stay still, and listen…
    I can hear the spirit’s song.
    It is right here inside my chest,
    The beating of the drums.

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    Very expressive Jose. I can almost hear your drums.


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      Beautiful poem José

      Beautiful poem José, I enjoyed it very much. I feel the same way you do. Do you like to write poems often?